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Pairs and Spares

Taught by Lucille Bradley


A non-traditional class, varied ages, single or married. New members are welcome.  ​

Young Adults Class 


More information coming soon!   

Couples Class

Taught by Eric Phillips and Michael Black


If you spend your days rushing from work to kids' sports while balancing church activities, groceries, bills, and a strong marriage, this is the class for you!  Join our middle-aged married couples class as we support one another with Christian love, marital support, and a whole lot of fun. 


Bible Groups

Sunday School classes offered at Salem.
Adult Ladies - Sunshine Class  
 Taught by Patricia Skelton


We are a group of mixed up middle agers with lots of different ideas but we get the job done.  Each week we have an interesting Bible study taught by well prepared leaders, Patricia Skelton and Edith Webb.  If you want to have a good time learning God's word, come join us.  

Minnie Shelburne Class


More Information coming soon! 

Adult Men - J.W. Figg Class


More information coming soon! 

Looking for Children's classes and programs, click here to go to our Youth Page

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